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High-Temperature Pyrolysis Incinerator System (EURUS)

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EURUS Pyrolysis Incineration System Q & A
Q. What is the type of this incinerator?
A: Multi-layer high-temperature pyrolysis incinerator using temperature and wind
Q. Can I put waste consecutively or close the cover when I use?
A: Yes , You can.
Q. How long does it take to incinerate the waste if the incinerator is full?
A: It depends on the type of waste, but usually it takes around10-20 minutes.
Q. How much waste is incinerated per day?
A: It differs by the model. 200-400 Kg/day (45kg/hr), 600-1,000 kg/day (70kg/hr) & 800-1,500 kg/day (100kg/hr) .
Q. What kind of waste can I incinerate?
A: All waste can be incinerated except stone, steel, and glass.
Q. How much ash will remain after incinerating?
A: Approximately 1-5% of burning waste. (have difference among the waste type)
Q. How much electricity does it use?
A: It does not need electricity for incinerating, only needs for running the motor in the fan blowing. It is 3P 200V/1-3kW.
Q. How often do I have to change the pole which is key component?
A: You can use it for about 1 years .

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