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3 different four season bags

$ 13.00
Internet Lowest Price : $ 29
Min Order : 2300
Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

Bags in Bag - 3 different four season stroage bags _BFSSPT3
Product name : 3 different four season storage bags
Brand : Bags in Bag
Product Number : BFSSPT3
Color : Pink, Green, Blue
Origin : China
Material : Polyester 100%, Nylon 100% (water proofing fabrics)
Size : Mesh Poutch Large 350×270×110mm  Medium  270×210×80mm   Large  215×215×60mm
Large Mesh Poutch
Easy indentifcaton of belongings thorugh meshed faces around mesh poutch that gives

sufficient space and ventiliation and helps to neatly T-shirts and Trousers 

T-shirts storage bag
On travel and in a sports acitivity it can provde convenient and

easy storage for T-shirts, socks and underwears

Bath Poutch
A hook attached to this bag can hang up on the wall

of the bath room and internal pocket can store variable possessions 


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