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Tee Hydro Forming Press

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This is a project to provide large scale machines and the return policy or warranty depend on the inquiry and quotation.

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Tee Hydro Forming Press


* Hydro-Forming Press is a high pressure liquid forming hydraulic press, which is applied to the production of TEE, and the type of pipe fittings. This press is making the desired shape of pipe filling high pressure liquid inside the pipe. Such technology has many strong points such as making lighter products, increasing the strength and reducing the processes, the number of parts and molds and is suitable for the production of parts for cars, ships, airplanes, industrial materials, chemical plants and so on.


Metal Forming & Sizing Press


* A metal-forming and sizing press can be modified to suit the needs of our customers by handling various manufacturing processes such as a hot forming process, a cold forming process, and a deep drawing process. By arranging the press and heating furnace together, you can respond quickly to the hot forming operation. It is the most suitable press for hot forging operations or manufacturing large and thick pipe fittings for heavy industrial applications such as a plant pipe fitting industry, power plants, shipbuilding, offshore plants, and an oil & gas industry. This press is equipped with moving bolsters to make installation of heavy materials and molds easy and fast.  


Elbow Mandrel Press


 * This machine is used to produce elbow pipe fitting for welded piping, which is used widely in the highly-developed industry. This press, suitable in bending thick materials such as carbon steels or alloy steels, passes an original pipe through mandrel while applying the heat directly to shape the pipe with 90 degree to 180 degree angles. Feeding the original material and collecting manufactured parts are automated, making the operation of the machine more convenient, and replacing molds easier. Following after bending the original pipe into the desired shape, sizing press can calibrate and correct the size immediately. There are 2 types available-induction heating type and gas heating type. It is suitable for the production of products used in Oil & Gas Pipe Line, petrochemical industry, ship, and offshore plant, power generation facilities.


Elbow Cold Bending Press 

* This is a bending press for special pipe materials that cannot be processed with hot bending machines. A hydraulic press is suitable for the production of special materials such as stainless steel, duplex, copper, and aluminum. It is a hydraulic press that cold cold-bends a pipe which is a raw material by pushing the product to a mandrel in a mold at room temperature. Depending on your operating conditions, both vertical and horizontal types are available.


Bevelling & Facing Machine

 * This equipment cuts calibrated ends of pipes or fittings at the prescribed angles of the welding joint. By using CNC function, this machine can cut the materials at specific angles of the welding joint, with reference to different industries’ standards, while controlling the conditions of the cutting work and speed. Copy Roll Type and CNC Type are available according to the conditions. Cutting tools can also be selected as 1-Head, 2-Head, and 3-Head, while selecting the Turn Table Type will increase the number of mounted materials to enable simultaneous processing.


JCO Pipe Manufacturing Plant

 * This plant has two functionalities: it can bend the edges of the edge-milled steel plates prior to being processed in the pipe bending press: it can also manufacture thick pipes with a large diameter by bending thick steel plates in small increments (step by step). All the necessary functionalities to completely bend materials are operated by the CNC feature, shaping the steel plate first into a J shape, then a C shape, and then to an O shape. The powerful body structure and the powerful 8-sided guide are designed to maintain accuracy even when eccentric loads are generated during the ending process. The various thick pipe products processed with this press are used in many industries for various purposes, such as oil pipeline, petroleum pipeline, oil gas industry, heavy industry, and offshore plant. 



Deep Drawing & Forging Press

* A deep drawing process is a metal forming process that manufactures shells without seams in the shapes of cylinders, squares, cones, and hemispheres, and is widely used in the production of automobiles, aircrafts, home-appliances, high-pressure vessels, and so on. We produce the special types of drawing presses, such as double action type and triple action type, while the powerful body structure and the powerful 8-sided guide are designed to maintain the accuracy and safety. All control functions are made easier with the artificial intelligence system.


Automotive Part Hydraulic Press

* This press manufactures various automobile parts. This includes equipment such as brake pad & lining presses that continuously produce brake lining & drums, presses that produce engine components, presses for various parts of upholstery, and hydro forming press that manufacture automotive parts.


Shipbuilding & Heavy Duty Plant Hydraulic Bending Press

* This is suitable press for bending thick plates and frames which are thought to be hard to apply bending process. Especially, it is widely used for various heavy industry applications, such as shipbuilding and offshore plant, heavy chemical industry, LNG & LPG storage tank, wind power tower, and aircraft fuselage. This machine is capable of bending steel plates and beams and manufacturing various kinds of 3-dimensional linear parts.


Ultra-High Pressure Hydraulic Press

 * This hydraulic press uses ultra-high pressure generator (500~4,000 kg/cm2). By wrapping ultra-high strength steel wires around the body to form a small and yet strong frame to apply extreme pressure in a small area to manufacture parts, such as ceramics or diamonds, or heating plate for heat exchangers.


Rubber Molding & Lamination Hot Press

 * This press is widely used for the production of automobile and industrial parts. It is also used in various trimming processes and for producing numerous plastic parts and automobile interior materials such as the dashboard, rubber sheets, crawler, building materials, plywood, and so on. By using two to ten or more multi-step molds, a single pressing process can be used to produce multiple products while maximizing the productivity.


Pipe End Straightening & Calibration Hydraulic Press

* An end straightening & calibration hydraulic press is a machine that performs to straighten and calibrate the in & out end-roundness of pipes and fittings simultaneously. The pipes and fittings include tees, elbows, cabs (bottoms), and reducers, etc.



* A mold that we manufacture and design is used for butt welded pipe fittings such as tees, elbows, caps (bottoms), and reducers, etc.

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