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Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

The Ultra-pocket curling iron is a curling machine made of integral aluminum heating plate, overcoming the restrictions of conventional wireless curling iron. The mini-pocket curling iron facilitates the desired hairstyling with faster preheating rate and higher heat conduction. 

 •Remainder battery voltage displayed at 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%

 •The remainder battery voltage is displayed when you recharge the battery.

 •The rated voltage of the battery is 3.7 V/250 mAh

Temperature setting in one of three levels depending on the hair condition of the user.  

One of three temperatures (160, 180, and 210) is displayed on the LED window.

The brush sliding horizontally and vertically is designed as concave round for easy wave styling of hair and to prevent hair from being disheveled or tangled.

The brush sliding horizontally and vertically minimizes hair tangling.

Integral aluminum heating plate boasts of short preheating time(conventional model 5-6 min. > 3-4min)

Excellent heat conduction allowing perfect hairstyling.

Ceramic-coated heating plate to protect your hair.

You can use the product without worrying about power cable.

Operable while charging.

The product is of the free-voltage type and operable in any overseas countries.

Compatible with universal recharger for easy charging.

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