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Massaging Device for Boob-job

$ 320.00
Internet Lowest Price : $ 643
Min Order : 100
Sale Term : 14.May.2020


Vital Bra - Main details


Expand and proliferate cell tissues by applying soft physical force onto breasts to one’s biorhythm


Taking advantage of ultra-low frequency, it activates the cell network to seamlessly expand cells.


Keep breasts firm and curvy by loosening stiff breasts after a breast enlargement surgery.


Massage system making it possible for beautiful and firm breasts without a surgey


2 Dual natural silicone shield designed to secure safety  


Reduce the pain of breasts with the dual silicone material after use

Redeeming conventional products that one needs to pull up a certain area, improve it that the

pressure can be distributed in the CAP. 


-Summary of the massaging device for Boob-job


-Mitigator for Menstrual pain and Muscle Pain


-Combination of the Boob-job massaging device


-Basic Package


-Basic specification


-Easy fine tuning controller


-Unharmful natural silicone material


-Basic function and how to use


-Basic function


30 ~ 75mmhg Variable vacuum pressure


Step 1 30 → Step 2 45 → Step 3 60 → Step 4 75 (Repeat hereafter)

① Function of breast enlargement


② Mitigating menstrual and muscular pain


③ Standard Function


(Automatic power off when vacuum pressure does not reach 30mmHg within a minute)

Configurable function to set default values (Power On/Vacuum Pressure at 30mHg)

Attachable the suction cup to breasts 


EPS function at detecting abnormal pressure

Variable lower frequency function between 1 ~ 100Hz (Automatic Power Off when PAD is unattached


Automatic power off after operates for 60 mins.  

Switch Input (Function mode and pressure control) waiting time 1mins 


At no switch input power is off) 


Convertible to MCU stop mode from Power Off to minimize power consumption

Workable seamlessly for 8 hours at one time charging a battery operating DC5V with a smart phone

charging cable

LED display for Power ON


-Basic function and how to use


-Example of essential function


For women with flap breasts   


For women desiring to precipitate growth of their breasts for a growing time.

For women frustrated with flap breasts due to baby delivery, breast feeding and diet programs

For women seeking unstopped massage to breasts tightened by a breast enlargement surgery.

Discomfort, aftereffect   A massage device keeping breasts firm and curvy  

For women having no time to care for ones’ breasts

Enhancing firmness and curviness 



At Housework, on a move, at sleeping, at watching TV and readings

Restores sagging breasts to curvy shape by inducing the cubical expansion of breast tissues.

Breast tissues can continuously expand of themselves and they are self-produced in a body.


-Market Comparison Chart


-Functional Comparison


-Market comparison


-Getty Image


* E Corp.,’


Only vacuum function supportable at $39 per month for 36 months aggregating around $1600  


Red bruises around breasts and ascending tits transpirable  

* Chinese Product                                      

* B Vacuum Corp> Low Frequency available. Device inoperable simultaneously

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