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Super Capacitor main characteristics

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products summary

- Super Capacitor main characteristics

Super Capacitor is a power source that collects a lot of energy and emits high energy for several tens of seconds or a few minutes. Since it takes only a few seconds to charge and the power to be received at once is relatively high, it is suitable for storing energy. It is a new concept secondary battery (capacitor).

- Analysis of Super Capacitor Status and Business Goals

Super Capacitor capacity that are currently commercially available is that the equalization to the 2.7V / 3,000F.

The super capacitor of capacity of 2.7V / 70,000F which we primary developed by increasing capacity

It is a Super Capacitor with a capacity more than 24 times higher than the current market products.

Through this joint venture corporation, we will have developed a Super Capacitor with a high capacity of 2.7V

/ 140,000F, currently, it is aiming to complete the development of multi-layer (EMLC) products which are superior to the world's best technology double layer (EDLC).

Current Release

2. Developed

products Important Technology

- Super Capacitor 70,000F Prototypes Completed

- Super capacitor manufacturing technology applying low- temperature plasma CVD method (lamination method)

- Hold Super Capacitor core process machine manufacturing and design technology

- Super Capacitor, Completed the development of a mixed-method

- Super Capacitor, Completed EMLC product concept design

- Super Capacitor, Nano graphene material procurement possible

- Hold Super Capacitor Software control Technology

- 1st: Establishment of joint venture between Investment Company and SUNTECH Equity structure: Investor% + SUNTECH% + Other% = 100%.

- Investment method

(1)Established an R&D corporation → Method of selling after development (2) Established R&D Corporation → To attract investment in mass-production

Patent application for Joint Venture Company

Mass-production of 2.7V 70,000F product and development of 2.7V 140,000F prototype

- 2nd: Mass-production of finished products and additional investment to develop additional ultra-high capacity super capacitors

* ChangwonUniversity,MasterofIndustrialSystem Engineering

* Ph.D.inLEDEngineering,PukyongNational University

* ViceChairmanofChangwonIndustry&University FusionCenterDirector,GyeongnamVenture Association

* Director,KoreaIndustrialParkManagement Association Career

* 1979~2003TongilHeavyIndustryDevelopmentTeam Manager

* 2004~PresentSuntechCEO

* 2014~PresentRepresentativeDirectorofGeumyong ElectricCo.,Ltd. Awards

* 2013’GyeongnamGovernor'saward

* 2014’KoreaElectricWorksCorporationaward

* 2015’Theheadofthesmallbusinessaward

* 2016’NationalAssemblyVicechairmanofthe RepublicofKorea’saward

- Super Capacitor Product Overview

Super Capacitor is a power source that collects a lot of energy and emits high energy for several tens of seconds or a few minutes.

Since it takes only a few seconds to charge and the power to be received at once is relatively high, it is suitable for storing energy.

It is a new concept secondary battery (capacitor.)

Ⅲ -2. Development Product Features

– Super Capacitor Features

* Energy storage with semi permanent lifetime (500,000 cycles)

* With high output characteristics enable rapid filling

* No protection circuit required and low risk of explosion

* Low energy density compared to lithium secondary

Ⅲ -3. Comparison of technologies with existing products -

Compared with competing products

[ Experiment contents ]

Under the same conditions, LS Mtron, Maxwell and SUNTECH performed the same performance test [ Experimental conditions ]

a. After 100% charge is completed, test is proceeded with LED module On.

b. Check the discharge amount of the initial capacitor(Check the discharge of the initial capacitors)

c. After that, discharging at 1% every 5 seconds(Discharge by 1% in 5 seconds thereafter)

d. Check total discharge for 30 minutes

Ⅲ -4. Base technology and manufacturing process

- Element technology of Super Capacitor


Electrodetechnology(Activatedcarbon,Binder, carbon)


Source material ( Palm bark , phenol , petroleum coke )

Resurrection method (water vapor revival, drug revival)

Electrolyte     Electrolytematerial(solvent,Cation Anion)

Ⅲ -4. I Base technology and manufacturing process

– Manufacturing process

Ⅲ -5. R&D condition

– Super Capacitor Present condition analysis

* Super Capacitor Present condition analysis

Super capacitors released worldwide are currently being applied to various demands with 2 .7V 3 ,000F products released from LS Mtron and Maxwell.

The first - stage developed product from our company is 2 .7V 70,000F

(the highest performance product 26 times more than the current released product) and the product to be developed through this joint

venture corporation is targeted at releasing 2 .7V 140,000F, and is finally aimed at developing Multi Layer (EMLC) products that are better than the current global technology level.


launch product

- 2.7V 3000F Launch - EDLC(Double layer)


- CNT Material Use

1st stage

R&D Completion

2.7V 70,000F

Development Goal Products

- 1st 2.7V 70,000F Completion

- At least 24 times more than existing

- 2nd 2.7V 140,000F Scheduled -Differentiation of Manufacturing

Methods(Laminated) with Competitor

Final target product

- EMLC(Multi layer)

Product Launch

- Using Nano graphene materials

-More than 1 million times the performance of EDLC products

– CESS System Composition


ESS is developed using the capacitors(super capacitor) material instead of

conventional battery materials such as lead and lithium when configuring ESS.

Pumping-up power generation -Night(Electric power Remaining) :

Water storage in upper reservoir -Daytime(Lack of Electric power) :

Power generation with saved water -Site selection is difficult

and the construction period is long.

Nuclear power generation

-Heat generated by nuclear fission of nuclear fuel such as uranium, is used to rotate the turbines and generate power.

-Site selection is difficult

and the construction period is long. -The recent nuclear accident has

raised the public's antipathy.

Thermal power generation

-Power generation by burning oil, coal, and natural gas rotating

turbines connected to generators.

-Site selection is difficult

and the construction period is long.

Pumping-up power generation/ Thermal power generation

/ Nuclear power generation is much needed Construction costs and time consuming.(about 10years)

-Ess is short time consuming and less restrictive installation location.

-ESS is essential element for next-generation power industries such as renewable energy and smart grids.

-The spread of smart grids is needed to overcome high initial investment costs.

– CESS's self I/O Microcomputer Control Circuit technology.

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