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Food Garbage Disintegrator

$ 493.00
Internet Lowest Price : $ 667
Min Order : 60
Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

4th Industrial Revolution garbage disintegrator

Bio Food Waste Disintegrator!!!

It is an extinction device in which food waste and water disappear into the air. Can you believe it?

For more than 3 years, no food waste, no drainage, no residue, hundreds of kilograms of food waste disappeared into the air.

100 % environmental and hygiene were completely resolved by our customers, Fact!!!

This is the bio-tech waste treatment technology of the 4th revolution.

Should we save the river, and the sea?

Should we give back to the descendants of the beautiful land, river, mountain, sea!

Resolving environment and sanitation from my home is the best way to save rivers, the sea, to preserve the country, and to return the    beautiful and clean country to the descendants!

Let's now participate in the environmen cleanup campaign for our descendants !!

Troublesome to go to waste of food garbage?

Attention to the person next to the corridor, elevator due to soup or odor? Worry about hygiene in the dumpster and badly filthy containers? Block your nose and stain your eyes with stench and filth? Troublesome to wash your hands after throwing.

Stinks or insects due to your collection bag in the kitchen?

Just 3,000 won/ month and 100 won/ day, everything will disappear.

Disintegrator where everything disappears, Revolutionary invention to save earth!!!

Proven by our customers that it is very cheap to use for 3 years. Please buy with confidence!!!


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