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Dongsan Sports Company that is former Dongsan Fancy, established in 1972, is professional sports company which has devoted to only one field over two generations. Under the slogan of "Popularization of high quality sports products," we put all our efforts by combining specialized functional materials with our intellectual property rights so that even ordinary people can use the product which meets both high performance and convenience. As a representative brand of our own brand "I NCONTRO", we pursues sales increase and diversification of production facilities by selling our goods through 60 domestic distributors, 10 vendors, and 3 major hypermarkets. Also we are exporting directly and indirectly to 10 countries. We have invested capital into domestic production, equipment of OEM subcontract factory and establishment of manufacturing factory in China. Thus, we have constantly developed our manufacturing capability to meet the demands of various customers. We, Dongsan Sports Company pursues constantly to become a small cornerstone to create better world without staying easefully in reality, furthermore, we promise to be a company that keeps always founding philosophy.

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