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Wireless Control(RF) "nye Color Change & Brightness Dimming Panel Light- direct lighting Cdet triptism.
Change the brightness to 10 steps and 4 colors using the wireless switch LED Panel Light Direct lighting 1200x300mm 40W.

Features - Enhancement of learning effect by color temperature - Mercury-free, no-lead environment-friendly lighting, electricity saving type - Advanced lighting with no glare and dean color Major uses - Elementary, middle, high school, university, home, living room, office, meeting room.

LED Down Light Multi 2Way 3Way Dimming 25W 40W.
Features - Mercury-free, no-lead environment-friendly lighting, ultra-low power - LED light source, luminaire, integrated SMPS - Reduced maintenance / repair costs thanks to long life compared to conventional lighting.
Major uses - Main lighting of government offices, hotels, commercial buildings.
LED Partking Lot 14W 18W 38W.
Features -Integrated system illumination of motion sensor and LED lighting fixture.

-Automatic dimming by sensor (0 to 100%) -Individual Control / Group Control.

-Wireless communication (wired option available) Major uses

-Used in various places such as building, department store, shop, parking lot of hospital etc.
Function 1. Brightness setting 2. Time setting for darkening 3. Motion sensor sensitivity setting 4.6 Group Setting.

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