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Distinctive Features of Esoup Foam Toothpaste

E-soup Foaming Toothpaste with a fresh flavor of an three mints(apple, strawberry, peppermint) is the  all-in-one oral care product from brushing your teeth, gargling to washing your mouth. Not only  that, but it sterilizes the harmful bacteria in a mouth, prevents sensitive teeth and gum disease as  the Total Oral Care product.

1. Main Ingredients
Allantoin :  it has the anti-inflammatory effect, which heals your teeth and gum.                                   
Fluoric Sodium: it can sanitize the teeth and gum and make them refreshing.

2. Additive
Hydroxyapatite (HAP): its material is similar to human bone and non-harmful.
Wormwood Extract : it has anti-inflammatory effect.
Cnidium officinale Extract : it has anti-bacterial effect, and makes teeth healthy.
Ginger Tincture : it has anti-bacterial effect.

-Dentree Blue  refreshing smell of applemint [general]
-Dentree Red  sweet strawberry smell [female, children]
-Dentree Green smell of cool peppermint [employee, smoker]

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