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All-in-one Oriental hip steam bath pad
Differentiated All-in-one pad compared with other
existing products (Pad+Heating element)
Health effect for secreting female hormones, soothing
skin troubles, activating period and improving blood circulation.
Aids the circulation of blood on lower abdomen and diet!
Recommended for age range from girl who has menarche
to postmenopausal women
Also effective for men on prostate health and relieving hemorrhoids.
- Quick access energy circulation with wet type.
- Slim thickness with All-in-one pad
- Completed on antimicrobial, anti-fungal performance.
- Heating temperature is constant with surface of heating element.
- Maintain moisturized skin with wet type.

N.O.W, the safest sanitary pad.
-Completed 219 kinds of safety test.
-Soft and dry, fresh and rapid absorbing power.
-Good scent of THE DAY! excellent deodorizing effect.
-Gift from the nature, containing natural plant extracts from retinispora.
Wide range of styles! slim fit thickness
Phytoncide makes people to have therapeutic walk in the forest!
The word Phytoncide is combining the words of phyton and cide;
meaning of plants and sterilizing power.
In other words, it means natural sterilizing and healing power from plant.
Sterilizing power all from nature not from artificial cure with chemical composition!
Feel fresh mood with natural extracted component imagine you're stroll through the woods.

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