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It generates deep heat increasing body tempera-ture more than 3 °C to 5 °C. As a result, it leads to expansion of artery and capillary. enhancement of blood flow and metabolism. . and finally. it leads to improvement of body defense system.

Happy - Polar is RF device equipped with IPR and Bi polar. Compared to bigger size of IPR device , it is compact and light.
First action is to improve skin texture, and sec-ond action is to treat deeply situated fat and subcutaneous fat heating the treatment area between 42 t to 45 t
MN h Fnhancos Mond and lymnh circulation
Mag-Polar emits 0.5Mhz of radio frequency via 4 electrodes. It heats the body area to be treated specifically inducing formation of etas-tin and collagen as well as reduction of cellulite and fat.

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