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Why shoule we choose MOISVITA DANVI

Keep skin alive with Vitamin C and milk!

Be your body healthy with MOISVITA DANVI by filtering out harmful substances from the tap water!.
Healthy Ingredients for Healthy Skin
Vitamin C is one of the leading ingredients for healthy skin.
It not only rejuvenates skin for a youthful appearance,
it is also effective for freckles and age spots.
It also rejuvenates the scalp and improves the shine of hair.
Revitalize your mood with aroma therapy
MOISVITA provides a revitalizing aroma therapy effect.
MOISVITA DANVI relieves tension, stress and anxiety to increase mood
LEMON : Relieves tension.
FREESIA : Energizes and uplifts mood.
ROSE : Calm and soothing effect, helps induce sleep.
LAVENDER : Calm and soothing effect, helps induce sleep.
PINE : Increases concentration and relieves stress.
NON-SCENTED : Specifically for those who are sensitive to scent.
Water As Nature Intended
Chlorine added to sanitize water has an adverse effect on skin
and is absorbed into the bloodstream.
Chlorine can become a source for respiratory and skin problems.
MOISVITA DANVI completely filters chlorine and harmful additives.
For Beautiful Skin
Milk (skim milk powder) extracts moisturizes skin while providing supplements
and effectively removing old and dead skin.
Safe Ingredients
1. MOISTVITA DANVI has passed US FDA Regulations for safety.
2. MOISTVITA DANVI has 100% passed the KTR (Korea Chemical Fusion Testing Institute)
tests for the removal of chlorine and other harmful additives.
3. MOISTVITA DANVI is recommended by the KAA (Korean Atopy Association)
4. MOISTVITA is insured for product liability.

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