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D'Simone Bear Chewable Plus

$ 31.00
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Sale Term : 30.Nov.2020

 Type of food - health function food
Name and location of manufacturing station
(For imported goods, name of import business,
Manufacturer's name and exporter's name: CosmaxEnvity Co., Ltd.
127-16 Deokpyeong-ro 663 Majang-myeon, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do
Mark on top of body copy due date
Capacity and quantity by packing unit 1g × 80 tablets (80g)
Straw material name and content of protein (Simon, Birnese, Birnesecotransferase, Birnese, U.S.), Maltose, S.thermophilus DSM24735, L.delbrucki sp. DS2247M.dextrin, strawberry and juice powder/ strawberries:national acid), corn starch [corn: foreign (Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, etc.); strawberry flavour [pollipop, strawberry extract, strawberry essence, black elderberry, almond oil]; stearinic acid magnesium, citric acid, citric acid, and calcium enzymes; and Milk (The culture medium containing milk was used to culture the lactobacillus.
*Gives genetically to L. Helveticus **Generally to B.lactis.

One dose of nutritional information: 2 tablets (2g), calories 8 kcal, carbohydrates 2g (1%), protein 0g (0%), fat 0g (0%), sodium 0mg (0%), and Provisions over 2 billion CFU, zinc 8.5 mg (100%) and vitamin D 10 μg (100%)
Functional Information [Probiotic (Simonet)]
Beneficial lactobacillus growth, inhibiting harmful bacteria, facilitating bowel movement, and adjusting bowel areas can help the intestinal health (Functional Individualized Raw Materials No. 2009-28)
Needed for normal immune function; required for normal cell division
[Vitamin D]
Needed for calcium and phosphorus to be absorbed and used, necessary for the formation and maintenance of bones
Chew the amount and method of intake twice a day and once a day.
Precautions for ingestion and
side effect potential
· In case of a specific or allergy, check the ingredients and eat them as they may show an overreaction depending on the individual. · If you have a chronic disease or are currently on medication, be sure to consult a specialist before taking it. · Guide the daily intake method so that children do not consume it carelessly. · Occasionally colored short pieces may be visible in the contents, but they are part of the raw material, so you can eat them with confidence. · In case of an abnormal case, stop eating and consult an expert.
for the prevention and treatment of diseases
Indicate that this product is not a medication for the prevention and treatment of disease.
Genetically modified health function food
Not applicable for marking when applicable
Display Advertising Review Writing (Review Number: 190210304)
Imported food status not applicable
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