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DuoDerm CGF

$ 5.00
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Sale Term : 29.Aug.2020

efficacy effect

This product is used to prevent and protect the windows and helps ensure the wounds are in good condition.

usage capacity

1. Pre-use preparation
Clean the area around the wound with wound cleansing or regular saline solution before use of the window covering material and remove moisture around the skin. The size of the cut should be at least 3cm larger than the cut.

2. How to Use
Methods for attaching window cladding
- Remove the detachment from the back of the wallpaper with minimal contact with the adhesive surface.
- Place the lacerated layer over the wound and align it with the center of the wound and the center of the lacer
- Place the lacerations on top of the wound like a smooth roll.
- Press the window cover by hand to make sure that it is firmly located.
- For better attachment, medical tape, etc. may be attached to the edge of the window cover.
- Dispose of remaining products after use.
removal of window cladding
Press the skin with one hand and carefully lift the edges of the cladding with the other.
It can be used for up to 7 days.

3. How to store and manage after use
This product is a disposable medical device, so please do not reuse it.
Storage method room temperature storage

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