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Examination of pregnancy through hCG test during urination
1. Collecting and storing samples

1) Receive urine in a clean, dry container or use urine that flows. Although diagnosis is possible from 4 to 5 days prior to the scheduled menstrual date, it is recommended to conduct an examination after the scheduled period, since hCG may contain less hCG depending on individuals.

2) For examinations before the scheduled menstrual date, use the first urine in the morning with the highest concentration of hCG. You can urinate at any time of the day after the scheduled menstruation date.

3) The use of fresh urine is recommended. If the urine is not immediately tested after collecting it, the urine can be stored at room temperature for 8 hours or 2 to 8°C for 3 days.

4) When using urine after refrigeration, leave it for about 30 minutes until room temperature is reached.

2. Inspection method

1) Inspectors and kits must be inspected at room temperature (20 to 30°C).
2) For products stored at room temperature, tear the foil and remove the inspection kit. For refrigerated storage, leave the foil until the room temperature is reached (about 30 minutes) before ripping it before removing the inspection kit.

3) Remove the lid of the kit and soak the urine collected in a clean container for more than 5 seconds with the urine absorption window facing down.

4) Replace the lid and place it in a flat position with the result window up.

5) Place on a flat surface and wait for the red line to appear at the control (C) position. The red line in the control area usually appears after two to three minutes, but the correct response is determined in three to five minutes.

3. Determining the results

All inspection results of this inspection kit shall show a red line on the control line (C) and a qualitative test to determine positive and negative results according to the red line of the sample line (T).

1) Non-conception (Voice)

If only the control line (C) appears.

2) In case of pregnancy (positive)

Both sample lines (T) and control lines (C) appear.

3) Re-inspection

In all tests, the control lines must always be colored and re-examined with a new product if: In addition, if the sample is a sample with a low concentration of hCG (25 mIU/mL or less), a weak coloring may occur in the sample line (T) area after 5 minutes.

Both sample lines (T) and control lines (C) do not appear.

If the control line (C) does not appear and only the sample line (T) appears.

Packing unit
Storage method
Airtight container, room temperature preservation (1 to 30°C)

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